Body treatments

Body treatments in Zillertal


Alpine Mountain Dream

'Pure pleasure based on Alpine herbs'
A honey skin peel gently stimulates blood flow to the skin. Fine rock crystals create silky smooth skin and prepare the skin for the following pack. The body pack with Alpine herbs and spelt has a regenerating and nourishing effect under the influence of warm steam. Finally, you will enjoy a relaxing massage with Alpienne herb oil.
app. 70 minutes € 88,00

Après Sport Alpine

'Pure relaxation for the muscles'
Ideal for after sporting activity. Creates soothing muscle relaxation and prevents muscle cramps. A gentle honey peel provides optimal preparation of the skin. A body pack with marmot oil, gentian root and peppermint oil relaxes the
muscles and joints. The following body massage is carried out using pure arnica massage milk for a fresh and soothing feeling.
app. 70 minutes € 88,00

Warming Earth

'An effective body treatment with highly effective skincare concentrates.'
Warm thermal mud enriched with detoxifying algae has a positive impact on the whole body. The warm mud unfolds its effects under the influence of steam after a skin peel with lactic acid. You will receive a relaxing head massage
during this time. The body will also be treated with plant oils.
app. 70 minutes € 88,00

Firming Treatment

'A firming and detoxifying effect'
A regenerating treatment to increase the resilience and elasticity of the skin and balance out the skin’s moisture levels. An experience for all the senses and the perfect body treatment for delicate, firm skin. Ideal for treating dry and stressed skin or for use after sunbathing. After a cleansing skin peel with jojoba, you will enjoy an invigorating and firming body mask with green walnut extracts.
app. 70 minutes € 88,00

Full-Body Peel

'Stone pine or arnica'
Skin peels have a cleansing and nourishing effect and rid the skin of dead skin cells. The skin becomes more receptive to absorption. Peels are excellent preparation for a body pack or mask.
app. 30 minutes € 53,00

Full-Body Pack

'Mountain pine'
Mountain pine oil is a well-established remedy for the clearing airways during a cold. The body pack can also help with rheumatism, gout and circulatory disorders. The treatment brings strength, endurance and courage and has a ‘grounding’ effect. The soothing ‘neutral’ massage cream and finest body oils guarantee wonderfully cared for skin in addition to the aforementioned properties.
app. 30 minutes € 53,00

Full-Body Mask

'Healing earth skincare mask'
The healing earth skincare mask is enriched with five different high quality plant-based oils. Vitamin E serves to intensify the effect. The skincare mask is a highly effective basis for a body pack. The special impact of the healing earth helps to detoxify and deacidify the tissues.
app. 40 minutes € 62,00

Treat yourself and your body to some time out.
The VITALIS SPA-Team will be happy to pamper you. In order for us to accommodate your preferred treatments, kindly make a reservation in good time. Enjoy your time here with us – we are happy to be there for you.
Tel. +43 5287 8550,

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