Relaxing & Pampering


Full Body Massage

Your whole body is intensively massaged from head to toe through stroking, stretching and kneading motions. You will feel your muscles relax and tensions break down. A feeling of general well-being arises and you will feel light and relaxed again. Our masseurs will adapt the intensity of the treatment to suit your personal preference.
app. 60 minutes € 79,00

Foot reflex zone massage

Pure relaxation for the feet and whole body. The feet are a reflection of the whole body. Targeted activation of the 64 reflexology zones in the feet boosts the circulation, removes any energy blockages, activates the body’s cells and improves the function of the organs.
app. 50 minutes € 65,00

Sports Massage

After a walk or skiing session, your body wants nothing more than relaxation and recuperation. We have just the thing for you. Our masseurs will discuss with you where exactly the massage should be applied. Whether the legs, back or neck muscles, we will design a massage to suit your personal requirements using arnica or marmot oil.
app. 40 minutes € 54,00

Intensive Back Massage (R.I.M.)

The intensive back massage starts with long stroking motions. Extensive contact with the forearm areas brings deeper relaxation and regeneration. Depending on the location of any tensions and blockages, the treatment will gradually build up and focus on the deep neck, back and lower back muscles. The deep effect achieved leads to increased blood flow to the tissues. This treatment boosts the removal of toxins. It also activates energy flow to the back, improves the movability of the spine and head Massag es RELA XING & PAMPERING and relaxes the muscle structures. The special kneading techniques cause the energy to flow down into the legs. A feeling of warmth and comfort flows through the whole back.
app. 50 minutes € 73,00

Relaxation Massage

For the legs and back
Gentle light, soothing scents and warm massage oil - close your eyes and drift off. Kneading, stroking, stretching – our massage therapists apply great sensitivity during this relaxation massage using St. John’s wort to set the body free and invigorate the spirit.
app. 50 minutes € 65,00

Intensive Massage of the shoulders and back of neck

app. 25 minutes € 43,00

Partial-body Massage

For the leg or back muscles.
app. 25 minutes € 43,00

Massage Mix

The perfect combination of an intensive back massage and reflexology treatment.
approx. 50 minutes € 65,00

Head and Facial Massage

This extremely relaxing and intensive massage boosts blood flow to all areas of the head and relaxes the facial muscles. A very soothing source of energy, ideal for those with a lot of responsibilities in everyday life.
app. 25 minutes € 39,00

Children`s Massage

Up to age 15
Our children’s massage provides support with the often difficult stages of growing up. It has a balancing effect and provides welcome assistance with day-to-day life. The earlier in life children learn to unwind, the calmer and more relaxed they will become. As such, performance pressures and everyday stresses are less likely to become a problem.
app. 25 minutes € 28,00

For expecting mothers

Especially during pregnancy when the back hurts and the legs are heavy, a relaxing massage does a world of good. Tensions are relieved, blood circulation boosted.
The massage is administered individually following consultation with the therapist - depending on well-being and how advanced pregnancy is.
approx. 35 minutes € 43,00

Treat yourself and your body to some time out.
The VITALIS SPA-Team will be happy to pamper you. In order for us to accommodate your preferred treatments, kindly make a reservation in good time. Enjoy your time here with us – we are happy to be there for you.
Tel. +43 5287 8550,

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