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Treatments at the Hotel Alpenhof

Come in and leave the daily grind behind you! Enjoy some pampering on an area of 2,800 m², relax and enjoy some precious me-time – our wellness area VITALIS SPA is the ideal place for all these things. In addition to a range of saunas and steam baths, state-of-the-art sun beds, refreshing Kneipp basins, quiet areas as well as massage and beauty treatments await.

Relax with massages and beauty treatments

Our professional team specialises in relaxation therapy, massage and beauty and is looking forward to adding yet another dimension to your stay. The sophisticated wellness ambience studded with stylish details makes relaxation come easy. Therapies and treatments with natural herbs, pleasant warmth and gentle touches restore the harmony between body and soul.

magnifying-glass Mann bei der Rückenmassage Relax with a soothing massage in the VITALIS SPA
magnifying-glass Massageöl Treat during a relaxing spa treatment at the wellness area

Our treatments

Treat your body to a bit of pampering and enjoy moments of complete and utter peace.
The VITALIS SPA is happy to look after you! To make sure that we can fulfil your treatment requests, please reserve your spot in good time. Enjoy your time with us! If you have any questions, call us at +43 5287 8550 or contact us by e-mail .


  • Eyebrow shaping
    Approx. 20 minutes € 12.00
  • Lash tint
    approx. 20 minutes € 15.00
  • Eyebrow tint
    Approx. 20 minutes € 15.00
  • Eyebrow and lash tint
    Approx. 20 minutes € 28.00


Bright eyes with comprehensive treatment & intense skincare

Your eyes will radiate with renewed beauty. First your eyebrows will be shaped and then tinted together with your eyelashes. Finally, an intensive skincare product will be gently massaged into the skin to round off this treatment for the eye area.

Approx. 45 minutes € 45.00


Regenerating facial treatment (without cosmetical cleansing)

This ultra regenerating treatment rich in rose oil, rosehip oil, rose hydrosol and a hyaluron boost complex is an invitation to take a natural voyage of discovery to some of the most beautiful versions of ourselves. Your skin will be intensively nourished and energised and the skin’s moisture balance improved long-term. Irritated skin is relieved and natural cell renewal promoted.
The skin is left feeling visibly and tangibly smoother, firmer and more youthful, thanks to the direct boosting effects. Your complexion will radiate with a new glow, authentic and beautiful – using only the power of nature.

Approx. 50 minutes € 95.00


A treat for hands and feet

  • Classic manicure without polish
    Approx. 45 minutes € 52.00
  • Surcharge for polish*
    Approx. 60 minutes € 26.00
  • Classic pedicure without polish
    Approx. 50 minutes € 58.00
  • Surcharge with polish*
    Approx. 60 minutes € 26.00

* If you choose a treatment with polish, you may take the varnish bottle home with you as a complimentary gift.


Deluxe manicure without polish

Hard skin on the hands is removed with a skin peeling. The nails are then filed into shape and the cuticles gently trimmed. The hands are then pampered with a relaxing hand massage and treated to a hand pack.

Approx. 70 minutes € 79.00


Deluxe pedicure without polish

Your feet will be given the ultimate treat with a conventional medicinal footcare treatment. A skin peeling removes hard skin. The nails are then filed into shape and the cuticles gently trimmed. Finally, your feet are treated to a soothing massage and intensive skin-care pack.

Approx. 70 minutes € 79.00


Specials for men

  • Classic manicure € 52.00
    Approx. 45 minutes
  • Classic pedicure
    Approx. 50 minutes € 58.00


With eye treatments, do not wear contact lenses.
Manicure and pedicure for natural nails only. 

The exclusive treatment lounger for a special experience. Some treatments are optimised and intensified using micro-fine steam to open the pores more and enable the active ingredients to better penetrate deep into the skin. A colour treatment further enhances your sense of well-being: the colour concept is adapted to your requirements and has a positive impact on your mood. Your spirits lift, stress levels are reduced, tiredness fades and deep relaxation sets in.


Alpine mountain dream

Pure pleasure based on Alpine herbs. A honey skin peel gently stimulates blood flow to the skin. Fine rock crystals create silky smooth skin and prepare the skin for the pack that follows. The body pack with Alpine herbs and spelt has a regenerating and nourishing effect under the influence of warm steam. A relaxing massage using Alpienne herbal oil completes this treatment. 

Approx. 80 minutes € 96.00


Alpine Après-Sport

Pure relaxation for your muscles. Ideal after exercising. Soothing and relaxing; ideal to prevent aching muscles. A gentle honey peel prepares the skin for the treatment to follow. A body pack with marmot oil, gentian root and peppermint oil relaxes the muscles, an effect that is further intensified by the use of hot steam. The body massage that follows uses pure arnica massage milk for a fresh and soothing feeling.

Approx. 80 minutes € 96.00


Warming Earth

Your skin is prepared by a revitalising peeling that removes dead skin cells and helps the mask that comes next penetrate deep into the skin. The effect is intensified by hot steam. You will receive a relaxing head massage during this time. To complete the treatment, the body is treated with plant oils.

Approx. 80 minutes € 96.00


Wellness for your skin*

A stone pine peel removes dead skin cells and helps the pack that follows penetrate deep into the skin. The pack can be enriched with various oils such as mountain pine, stone pine or bergamot, as you wish. An intensive and moisturising skincare treatment. Pure relaxation for the body and mind.

Approx. 60 minutes € 65.00

*The "Wellness for the Skin" treatment is carried out on the Emotion SPA lounger without the use of steam. 

Full-body massage

Your whole body is intensively massaged from head to toe, using stretching and kneading motions. You will feel your muscles relax and tensions break down. A feeling of general well-being arises and you will feel light and relaxed again. Our massage therapists will adapt the intensity of the treatment to suit your personal preference.

Approx. 60 minutes € 86.00


Partial-body massage for the leg or back muscles

Approx. 30 minutes € 51.00


Intensive massage of the back of neck & shoulders

Approx. 30 minutes € 51.00


Sports massage

After a day skiing or hiking, your body will crave some relaxation and recuperation. We have just the thing! This back and leg massage with arnica oil perfectly rounds off a day of sport.

Approx. 50 minutes € 75.00


Foot reflexology massage

Pure relaxation, from head to toe! Our feet are a mirror of our body. Targeted activation of the 64 reflexology zones in the feet boosts the circulation, removes energy blockages, activates the body’s cells and improves the function of the organs.

Approx. 50 minutes € 69.00


Intensive back massage (R.I.M.)

The intensive back massage starts with long stroking motions. Extensive contact with the entire area brings about deeper relaxation and regeneration. Depending on the location of any tensions and blockages, the treatment will gradually build up and focus on the deep layers of the neck, back and lower back muscles. This in-depth effect leads to increased blood flow to the tissues. This treatment boosts the removal of toxins. It also stimulates the energy flow to the back, improves the movability of the spine and head and relaxes the muscle structures. Feel a sense of soothing warmth penetrate across your entire back area! 

Approx. 40 minutes € 73.00


Essential oil relaxation massage

For legs and spine. Gentle light, soothing scents and warm massage oil – just close your eyes and drift off! Kneading, stroking, stretching – our massage therapists apply great sensitivity during this relaxation massage using selected fragrances to set the body free and invigorate the spirit.

Approx. 50 minutes € 79.00


Deep relaxation through warmth

The perfect combination of warmth and massage. A warming moorland pack for blood flow to the back muscles. While the pack takes effect, a relaxing foot or facial massage frees the mind and helps you slide into deep relaxation. Followed by a back massage.

Approx. 60 minutes € 79.00


Children's massage

From 6 to 15 years. Our children’s massage provides support during the sometimes tricky stages of growing up. It has a balancing effect and provides welcome assistance with day-to-day life. The earlier in life children learn to unwind, the calmer and more relaxed they will become, helping them to cope with the pressure to perform and the stresses of everyday life.

Approx. 30 minutes € 35.00


For mothers-to-be

Especially during pregnancy, when we are prone to backaches and heavy legs, a relaxing massage is an absolute treat. Tense muscles are loosened and the blood flow is stimulated. The massage is performed based on consultation with the therapist, depending on the stage of the pregnancy and your overall state of health.

Approx. 30 minutes € 51.00


Head and facial massage

This extremely relaxing and intensive massage boosts blood flow to all areas of the head and relaxes the facial muscles. A wonderfully soothing source of energy, ideal for those with a lot on their plate during the daily routine!

Approx. 30 minutes € 47.00


Individual lymphatic drainage

This treatment uses special techniques to reduce swellings of the face, arms and legs. Gentle circular motions ensure that fluids that have accumulated in the tissue are removed and the lymphatic flow is stimulated. The lymphatic system is the body’s transport system and also plays an important part in our immune defence. Swellings that result from blockages can be removed by gentle pressure being exerted on the skin’s surface.


Approx. 30 minutes € 51.00

Legs or arms

Approx. 50 minutes € 79.00


Massage Mix

The perfect combination of an intensive back massage and reflexology treatment.

Approx. 50 minutes € 75.00


Fascia massage

Any hardening or adhesions in the fascia (connective tissues) is released through targeted pressure with the hands. Any pain or restriction in the movement of the joints, neck, shoulders and back can be soothed (fascia massages are carried out without oil).


Approx. 50 minutes € 81.00

Legs followed by cool arnica wrap

Approx. 50 minutes € 89.00

Upper body (back, arms, stomach, chest area) with detoxifying liver wrap afterwards

Approx. 50 minutes € 89.00

IMPORTANT: please do NOT have a sauna or apply cream before this treatment

Ear candle treatment

The ear candle is a well-tested natural remedy to regulate pressure, clearing your head and ears and achieving surprising results in terms of targeting sinus problems, circulatory problems, colds and lymph blockages in the head and neck region. We use a quality hand-made product of the kind used by the Hopi Indians.

Approx. 40 minutes € 49.00


Lomi Lomi

This massage uses the fingers as well as the forearms, elbows and palms as massage tools. The motions are based on the four elements of water, fire, wind and earth and long and broad massage strokes and shaking motions are applied to break down any blockages. Mobilisation of the joints, lots of oil, flowing movements.

Approx. 70 minutes € 118.00


Hot Stone full-body massage

The Hot Stone massage is a holistic massage method which gently boosts blood flow, relieves muscle tension and supports the lymphatic circulation. The warmth applied to the body creates physical and mental balance, activates the body’s own energy sources and enhances well-being. The warm lava stones can transfer their warmth to the muscles prior to the massage treatment using thermotherapy.

Approx. 60 minutes € 96.00

With treatments by Kurland
The modern massage with herb compresses unter constant steam

The combination of warmth, steam, touch with the compresses and massages provides an exceptional relaxation experience which far exceeds that of standard massages.
Unlike the usual compress massages, the temperature and pleasant skin contact are permanently maintained with this treatment. While the warmth of the herb compresses promotes blood flow and loosens the tissues, the steam opens the pores and fuels the absorption of soothing oils and natural active herbal ingredients. The gentle massage also relieves tense muscles. The specially developed and patented Permanent Contour® device allows for a unique relaxation experience.


Full-body herbal compress massage

Based on 4-elements theory, with continuous steam exposure and fragrant herbs. The session will begin with a foot massage, slowly preparing you for the deep relaxation of your Full-Body Compress Massage. You will be pampered with herbal compresses and oils that are especially tailored to your needs. Heat stimulates the blood flow and loosens the tissue. Steam opens the pores and accelerates the absorption of nurturing oils and natural herbal active substances. A gentle massage will additionally release tense muscles, for a relaxing and stress-relieving effect.

Approx. 70 minutes € 129.00


Herbal compress facial massage

With continuous steam exposure and fragrant herbs. After a short cleansing, the lymphatic pathways in your face will be opened through the activation of pressure points, and a vitamin-enriched oil serum massaged into your skin. The herbal compress face massage is conducted with active ingredients in tune with your skin type, for example rose, lavender, Alpine herbs or apple. Depending on the type of herbal compress ball chosen, the treatment can either have a stimulating effect on the blood circulation or on the metabolism, or it can be soothing or refreshing. This massage will leave the skin of your face and cleavage area perceptibly smoother and fresher.

Approx. 40 minutes € 75.00


Body herbal compress massage

Continuously steamed herbal compress massage. An exceptional herbal compress massage to relax the muscles. The consistent and pleasant temperature of the herb stamps relieves tension, boosts the immune system and stimulates the lymph flow. At the same time, it is a good skincare treatment.

Full body treatment

Approx. 60 minutes € 95.00

Part-body treatment (back or legs)

Approx. 30 minutes € 57.00


We kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This way, you have time for a cup of tea and can flick through some newspapers and magazines in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing you to get in the mood for your treatment without any stress. Your therapist will then accompany you to your treatment room and explain everything to you without having to hurry.

Your preferred dates

Please book in plenty of time to secure your preferred date and enable us to prepare everything for you.

Haven of peace

Our VITALIS SPA wellness area and "Lichtblick" massage lounge are designed to be refuges of peace and relaxation. Please help to preserve this atmosphere by keeping your voice down.


Please do not bring your children with you when you go for your treatment. They will have much more fun in our children’s playroom, teen lounge or indoor sports hall!

Running late...

If you are running a bit late, we will do our best to still offer you the best possible treatment. However, please note that we are unable to delay any subsequent bookings and that we therefore may have to adapt your treatment or reduce the treatment time.


Please come to your appointment wearing your dressing gown. Disposable pants for men and women are available for body treatments.

Personal requests

Please inform us of any problems (e.g. allergies, effects from accidents, pregnancy, injuries) which could affect your treatment when you make the booking. This will ensure your well-being and help us to adapt the treatment to suit your personal requirements.


Please do not lose any vouchers you may have. They work like cash and we are unable to replace any lost vouchers. If you have a voucher, please bring it with you to your treatment.

Your favourite things

The hotel cannot accept any responsibility for lost valuables. Please store any valuables in the room safe.

Run out of time?

We will reserve a time slot for you. If you are unable to attend a treatment for any reason or have to cancel at short notice, please note that we will have to charge 100% of the treatment price if we are unable to fill your appointment slot.

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Wellness souvenirs

Make a loved one happy with a little gift from your holiday! Our extensive range of body care and wellness products offers something for everyone. We will be pleased to gift-wrap the product of your choice for you. Alternatively, why not treat yourself to a little something to remember your dreamy holiday at the Alpenhof?


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