Our producers from Tyrol and beyond

Experience the taste of our region

One of the cornerstones of our cuisine’s philosophy is the connection to our region and the special produce from here. The majority of manufacturers we use are from the immediate local area and we always have fresh products from the farm to use. We just love local!

However, this would not be possible without our regular trusted suppliers and partners, who put so much passion and heart and soul into producing local food with the best quality and maintaining the circular economy within our valleys. You can taste these values too. In the Ziller and the Tux valleys, we have ideal conditions for the production of high-quality food: fresh water, clean air, high-quality soils, but above all great know-how and love for the region.

Maximilian Stock und Klaus Dengg bei den Kühen auf der Weide
Meat from Tyrol

The „Lengau“ Demeter farm in Ginzling in the Ziller valley has been run by the Kern family since 2006 and supplies us with high-quality pork and dairy products. The Michaln Hof in Tux is also one of our long-standing meat suppliers. The Untersillerhof organic mountain farm in Neustift in the Stubai Valley has been owned by the Siller family for 10 generations. They supply us with high quality quail meat and also quail eggs.

The Rohrmoser family from Wagyu.Tirol in Hippach in the Ziller valley ensure for top quality in the delivery of exclusive Wagyu meat. Other high-quality meat products are supplied to us by the Gasser butcher's shop in Aschau in the Ziller valley.

Our Weberhof farm in Obsteig

In Obsteig, above the Mieming Plateau, lies our own farm – the Weberhof. It has been family-owned since 1960 and has been managed since 2001 for us by Michael Huter and his wife Eva-Maria with love and dedication. The 65-hectare farm is home to about 30 calves, 20 suckler cows, 30 bulls and oxen, about 10 mountain sheep and over 30 chickens. In addition, we operate original brown cattle breeding while almost 42 hectares of grassland as well as pastures and hay meadows are cultivated.

The numerous products from our farm are freshly processed by us. A special feature: for our Dry Age ox meat there is a ripening cabinet available at the hotel.

Der Bauernhof in Obsteig

Ziller valley meadow eggs from the Gartnerhof

The Gartnerhof in Uderns in the Ziller valley is run by the Hanser family with great commitment and dedication. Four generations under one roof ensure that everything runs smoothly on the farm and that the cows and chickens are well cared for. In July 2020, the family started the Ziller valley meadow egg project. Since then, more than 300 chickens have been accommodated in the meadows around the farm and in the mobile chicken coop. The huge outdoor areas and the great feed make the hens so happy, and this is also reflected in the quality of the produce. Ziller valley meadow eggs are delivered fresh to us several times a week and end up as ingredients in our dishes or as a delicious breakfast egg on your plate.

Braune Eier in einer Holzschüssel
Eine Mohnsemmel und Gebäck
Pastries from the Stock village bakery in Lanersbach

"Nature as our partner" is the guiding principle of the Stock family, which is already in the fourth generation of running the Stock village bakery in Lanersbach. For the preparation of the various breads and pastries, selected top-quality produce and Grander water are used. All baked goods are made according to a traditional recipe and by hand. You can see and taste the passion! That makes the Stock village bakery a long-standing supplier who provides us with fresh bread and pastries every day. You can therefore enjoy great farmhouse bread and fresh rolls at the breakfast table.

Dairy products from the Hintertux farmers and from the Ziller valley show dairy

The pastures of the Ziller and Tux valleys have been cultivated by farmers for as long as anyone can remember. Whether as pure forage pasture or to be able to give the cows plenty of exercise - the fresh grass and herbs that grow in the meadows throughout the valley are the basis for milk production and ensure the high quality of the versatile dairy products. That makes it important to us to take advantage of this quality and to use the products of the Hintertux stable community in our dishes. Products such as Ziller valley farmer's butter, milk and yoghurt are delivered directly to us by the farmers.

The Ziller valley show dairy is also a long-standing supplier and supplies us with precious products made from hay milk. For more than 60 years, the Kröll family's business has been producing and refining hay milk products from the Ziller valley. Real quality, a sustainable production cycle, as well as guaranteed love for animals are very important to the family and are the cornerstones of their philosophy.

Senner vor Käseregal

Spirits from Tyrol

Particularly fine wines can also be found in our bar. We use the best schnapps distillers from Tyrol and East Tyrol. Armin Fankhauser's Genuss.Brennerei.Fankhauser in Vorderlanersbach offers the best quality directly from the Tux Valley with its extensive range of fine brandies. Hannes Dengg's Innerummerland distillery is located on the Schwendberg in Hippach in the Ziller Valley. Schnapps has been distilled on estate for over 300 years - a tradition that is also reflected in its products. The Schwarzer Brennerei schnapps and liqueur manufactory from East Tyrol supplies us with high-quality distillates from local fruit. The various products from this distillery have already won many awards and are known beyond the country's borders.

Gemüse Dekoration
Fruit and vegetables from farmers in the Inn valley

The Tyrolean Inn valley is known for the cultivation of countless types of vegetables and is sometimes referred to as the vegetable box of Tyrol. The vegetables for our kitchen are delivered directly from the Inn valley to us in the Tux valley. Our main supplier is Johann Posch from Thaur. Various vegetables such as peppers, courgette, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and many other products come into our hotel fresh several times a week. This allows us to offer our guests the top quality in our dishes.

Fish and prawns from Tyrol

The Fischzucht Moser fish farm in Aschau in the Ziller valley has been run by the Brindlinger family since 2015 and is our supplier of fresh fish. More than 10 different species are sustainably bred in fish farms, slaughtered directly on the farm and freshly processed. We can be sure of the fact that the fish products arrive with the best quality.

The alpine shrimp "Alpengarnele" is a special feature, which is delivered from Hall in Tyrol directly to us in the Tux valley. Daniel Flock and Markus Schreiner breed the White Tiger Shrimps in top-quality fashion in their own recirculating system, ecologically and sustainably and exclusively with the best Tyrolean water.