VITALIS SPA on an area of 2,800 m²

Wellness at the Hotel Alpenhof Hintertux

Restore the balance between body and soul. Taking time-out from the daily grind means regeneration for all the senses. At the Alpenhof Vitalis SPA, you can enjoy relaxing wellness applications and luxurious massages, or enjoy the tranquillity of our quiet room after working up a sweat in the sauna. The natural power of the Zillertal is sure to present you with hours of pleasure: the interplay of hot and cold water, the fragrant natural aromas, and the beautiful views of the mountains. Experience one-of-a-kind wellness moments in the Kneipp basins, the many steam baths, the atmospheric crystal steam bath, the traditional Alpine sauna or our beautiful indoor pool.

Indoor pool with mountain views

Our indoor pool measures 150 m2 and has a pleasant temperature of 30° C. Precious materials and gentle sensory impressions create a special atmosphere, aided by the aromatic fragrance of herbs, the warm light and the gently lapping water. Your little ones can play in the adjacent baby pool, allowing you to keep an eye on them during your swim. Instructor Steffi also offers aqua gym classes on a regular basis - see the Alpenhof Morgenpost for details.

Whirlpool Panorama
Panorama outdoor whirlpool
in the alpine garden

Saunas & pools at the Alpenhof-SPA

Immerse yourself in fiery temperatures with panoramic views of the glittering Alps. Moments you’ll want to last forever...

Sauna im Vitalis Spa"Wilderer" Sauna
Alpine sauna

Work up a sweat at "mild” temperatures of approximately 55–60° C: Natural aromas poured on the hot stones stimulate the circulation, help remove toxins and have a beneficial effect on the skin and the respiratory system.

"Wilderer" sauna

A Finnish-style sauna: Enjoy the fragrance of natural wood at 85–90° C. Automated infusions poured on the hot stones stimulate the circulation, help remove toxins and have a beneficial effect on the skin and the respiratory system.


Diese Sauna ist speziell für die Familie und alle „dress on“-Saunagänger konzipiert. Naturbelassenes Altholz, ein traumhafter Gartenblick und die milden Temperaturen von 50–60° C machen den Saunagang zu einem besonderen Erlebnis. Auf Aufgüsse wird großteils verzichtet, da die Luftfeuchtigkeit automatisch auf 30–40 % gehalten wird. Ätherische Öle pflegen Haut und Atmungsorgane.


The wonderful effect of flowers on the human body has been known about since Bach flower essences first appeared, if not earlier! In the family steam bath, flower extracts are pumped into the room together with mild steam that is perfect for inhaling. The health-boosting properties of radiating heat have been known since ancient Roman times, and this kind of heat sets the stage for head-to-toe-relaxation.

magnifying-glassSauna enjoyment with the whole family
magnifying-glassReduce stress while taking a fine steam bath


The laconium, a particularly mild steam bath, is a relic from ancient Rome, whose patricians already knew about radiating warmth and its ability to remove toxins from the body. As the temperature of the laconium is mild, the body’s detoxifying processes are instigated gently. The circulation is boosted, the sweating process is sped up and you will experience a glorious sense of well-being. Especially those who feel that the Finnish sauna is too hot for them or that the heat of the sauna is generally to aggressive will appreciate the gentle heat of the laconium.


This gentle steam bath on the basis of radiating heat raises your body temperature and boosts your immune system. Choose between comfortable individual seats at the front of the bath and two generously dimensioned spots for lying down at the back. The two areas are separated by a lit-up glass front.


The healing properties of rock crystals come from their cleansing effect on the veins, blood vessels and coronary vessels. In addition, rock crystals stabilise the blood pressure, the circulation, and the entire nervous system. The mild warmth radiating from the benches and walls is combined with natural aromas for steam inhalation - a wonderful experience.

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