Pampering delights from far away lands

Pampering dreams from distant lands at the Alpenhof



Ear Candle Treatment

The ear candle is a well-tested tribal method of pressure regulation which creates a clear feeling in the head and ears as well as achieving surprising results in terms of targeting sinus problems, circulatory problems, colds and lymph blockages in the head and neck region. We use a quality hand-made product of the kind used by the Hopi Indians.
app. 30 minutes € 37,00

Lomi Lomi

This massage is carried out not only with the fingers, but also with the forearms, elbows and the palms of the hands. Long and wide massaging and shaking movements simulate the four elements: water, fire, wind and earth. These movements release blockages in a truly wonderful way.
app. 60 minutes € 83,00
app. 90 minutes € 118,00

Classic Herbal Compress Massage

A herbal compress massage is a traditional East Asian massage. The combined effects of warm oil and soothing natural herbs are used to achieve inner and outer harmony of the body and activate the body’s own powers of self-healing. A sense of deep relaxation unfolds as soon as this special massage begins and a purification and detoxification process is triggered. The herbal compress massage can also be used to reduce stress, relieve metabolic disorders
and soothe joint and muscle pain.
app. 60 minutes € 87,00

Hot Stone Full-body Massage

The Hot Stone massage is a holistic massage method which gently boosts blood flow, relieves muscle tension and supports the lymphatic circulation. The warmth applied to the body creates physical and mental balance, activates the body’s own energy sources and enhances well-being. The warm lava stones can transfer their warmth to the muscles prior to the massage treatment using thermotherapy.
app. 60 minutes € 82,00

Treat yourself and your body to some time out.
The VITALIS SPA-Team will be happy to pamper you. In order for us to accommodate your preferred treatments, kindly make a reservation in good time. Enjoy your time here with us – we are happy to be there for you.
Tel. +43 5287 8550,

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