History and host – The chronicle of Hotel Alpenhof

Luise Dengg - great-grandmother from Matthias, Klaus jun. and Andreas
Luise Dengg was a parade hostess and excellent cuisine

From a mountain bed & breakfast to a unique four-star superior hotel in Hintertux

More than four generations of the Dengg host family have developed the Alpenhof Hintertux from a simple bed & breakfast at the end of the Zillertal valley to the first, and still only, four-star Superior Hotel in Hintertux, with comfortable rooms, excellent cuisine, a fully fitted spa area and a very special informal atmosphere and charm.

History of Alpenhof - Once upon a time ...

… there was a hotel in a breath-taking Alpine valley, directly in Hintertux at the glacier lifts, and far away from the traffic and the hustle and bustle of large cities. Our beautiful hotel in Hintertux was (and still is) surrounded by expansive meadows and Alpine pastures, which are in turn framed by the breath-taking mountain backdrop. It was particularly peaceful and relaxing there in the Tuxer valley, just as quiet and peaceful as in the centuries before.

Hospitality is a treasured tradition at Hotel Alpenhof

This treasured tradition of hospitality in Hotel Alpenhof in the Zillertal valley goes all the way back to the year 1934. Even back then the people knew and appreciated what a great place this was to live. What began with and was taught by the grandparents Franz and Luise Dengg, is today being continued and lived in the third and fourth generations with Gabi and Klaus Dengg and their sons Klaus junior, Matthias and Andreas. Each and every person that walks through the door of our hotel in Hintertux will be personally greeted with genuine and absolutely heart-felt Tyrolean hospitality. This is also a reason why a down-to-earth attitude and humanity are of such importance in Alpenhof.

Images of Alpenhof as it once was

The most popular hotel in Tux-Finkenberg

Over the years, the original bed & breakfast became a popular hotel in the holiday region Tux-Finkenberg that attracted large numbers of regular guests. Even in those early days, the guests came from all over, drawn by the pure fun and enjoyment of skiing and the quiet and relaxation that was not to be found in such abundance anywhere but in the Hotel Alpenhof in Hintertux. Many of our guests return time and time again to Alpenhof, very much regular guests at this stage after so many years. They keep coming back to enjoy the unique relaxing and warm atmosphere in Hotel Alpenhof in the Zillertal.

Together for the enjoyment and relaxation of our guests

The Hotel Alpenhof as seen from the outside in the summer
View of the glacier from the Alpenhof in winter

Everyone who is part of our hotel team, from trainee to receptionist, from head chef to the room service lady, always warmly and enthusiastically take care of the guests so as to ensure that each and every guest likes the location and immediately gets the feeling: "I am in the right place – this is where I want to be!"

And this is something that all our guests appreciate, no matter from what corner of the world they come from, because they are looking for peace and quiet in order to enjoy their holiday in the Zillertal. They want one thing, and one thing only in this relaxing atmosphere, and that is to be really spoiled. And because there is simply no other hotel that spoils its guests and allows them to fully relax like Hotel Alpenhof in Hintertux, they come back time and time again. Because they just know the all-round quality that awaits them. Including a warm welcome from the proprietors and their team.

Considering the unique beauty of the region that the hotel is located in, combined with the quality of the rooms, the wonderful views, the excellent cuisine and perfect service that the hotel has to offer, it is hardly any wonder that ever more people fall in love with the place and keep coming back. But due to this popularity, the inevitable happened, the hotel in Hintertux started to bust at the seams and we simply needed more space in order to be able to cope with such large numbers of guests.

Improvements at Hotel Alpenhof

Years past until the time had come in 2006 for large changes to be made to the hotel in Hintertux. Taking the motto "We will stay who we are, only better!" as their guiding principle, Gabi and Klaus Dengg decided to make their dream of a beautiful and cosy top-quality hotel in Zillertal a reality. In pursuit of their dream, they regularly travelled and following intensive discussions and long talks, they finally came to a decision. They decided to do something very special: they realised that the old house had to be completely removed and replaced with a high-quality new building. And all that within a planned construction time of only 8 months! And not only that, they also decided that the entire project would have to be exclusively and purely natural.

A brand-new quality of comfort

Buffet area at the hotel bar
New since June 2019 - buffet area at the hotel bar

The whole family worked on this for three-quarters of a year - Klaus and Klaus jun. as the developers and organisers and Gabi as the interior designer, planner and decorator in one. Every detail was selected with great care and dedication for our hotel in the Zillertal valley. Guests at the new Hotel Alpenhof in Hintertux have been able to enjoy exquisite dining rooms, the spacious and relaxing VITALIS SPA area and the cosy and luxurious suites since December 2006. A playroom and 160 m² XXL sports hall were also created for the younger guests. Not forgetting the stylish bar, the inviting outside areas, the magnificent panorama terrace and much more.

In autumn 2015, the new nearby staff block was built with 42 units providing space for 48 people.
We are able to meet the individual residential requirements of our team thanks to our modern employee accommodation.

In spring 2017, a new attraction was added to the 1,000 m² Alpine garden. Since July, our Alpenhof guests have been able to relax in the new XXL 40 m² outdoor whirlpool with massage jets. Direct access from the garden to the VITALIS SPA is also possible (summer and winter).

In spring 2019 some areas will be redesigned again. From 29.06.2019 you can discover the new buffet area at the hotel bar, the new relaxation and lounging area by the swimming pool as well as the extensions of the restaurant and the redesign of the Havana room. In the background we enlarge the staff room and the sink area in the kitchen.

The perfect holiday in the Tyrolean Alps

And now all we need is the closing line that all good fairy tales need: "And when the guests haven't already driven home - then they are still enjoying their stay today!"

Would you also like to be one of our satisfied guests? Send us your non-binding enquiry and visit us at any time in the Tyrolean mountains, you definitely won't regret it!

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Summer time in Hintertux
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