Sustainability in Alpenhof

Taking responsibility for nature and the environment

Sustainability for us is not just taking responsibility for how we treat nature, but also purchasing the food that we serve in our hotel from the local region.

Hand in Hand with Nature

We can count ourselves lucky to live in the wonderful Zillertal Alps and be able to share this joy with you. This natural paradise has been a nature conservation area since 1991 and since 2001 has also been designated a high mountain natural park, spanning 422 km². As a member and partner business of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park, the Hotel Alpenhof has a deep connection with nature, providing expert information about the region and is a sustainably managed business. There are also numerous benefits for guests so they can experience this high mountain nature park at first hand and when it comes to food, the emphasis is on using regional products.  Together with us, be in harmony with nature.

The sun is our best friend

Evening atmosphere on the shores of the mountain lake
Enjoy the natural landscape in the Zillertal

We paid particular attention to environmentally-friendly energy during the new construction of our hotel: we installed approximately 200 m² of solar panels on our roof. This means that we are able to generate up to approximately 60,000 kWh of environmentally friendly energy. We use this primarily for our underfloor heating, our swimming pool and our heating elements. With our energy retrieval from the refrigeration units and the waste air from the ventilation system, we are also able to provide energy for a portion of these low-temperature energy consumers.

Pellet heating in Alpenhof

Due to the rising costs of fossil-fuel based energy and our ever increasing environmental awareness, prior to the reconstruction we decided that we would install a 450 kW pellet heating system. A modern wood heating system is environmentally friendly and a economically-sensible alternative to traditional heating systems which use fossil fuels. For comparison reasons: an oil-based heating system produces approximately 303 grammes of CO2 per kilowatt-hour, a pellet heating system on the other hand, only 42 grammes.

Because one type of rubbish is not always the same as another!

That we separate waste and responsibly disposed it throughout the entire hotel is something we take completely for granted. This is our contribution to protecting our wonderful home!

Green energy for optimal mobility

It's important that we always have our finger on the pulse of time even when it comes to sustainability. That's why we support the new technology of electric cars, which saves both the environment and natural resources.  So we are providing our guests with a recharging facility directly in the hotel.
You'll find our electric vehicle charging station in our Alpenhof  underground carpark and we can offer the following types of sockets:
CEE 5/16 with Schuko (230/400 Volt)
This allows not only you to recharge your batteries, but also your electric vehicle and you'll remain mobile while still being environmentally friendly.

If you would like to enjoy your holiday in harmony with nature, then send us your non-binding enquiry. a sign for a lot MORE about the services we have to offer our guests


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